What runs through your mind when you’re scrolling down your timeline and you continue to see amazing photos of incredible places on the other side of the world? Does it inspire you to want to explore what is out there? Does it motivate you to take a trip to experience it with your own eyes?

For both of us, all it took were these stunning moments captured by others into photos or videos to make us question our own lives and what we needed to do to live it to its fullest. Why can’t this be us? Why can’t we go to these places and have these adventures that our souls have, for so long, craved? Then we thought: oh wait, we can! There is nothing stopping anyone from living their best life and following their dreams, whatever that may be.

It was one year ago that we realized our dream was not too big or too far-fetched. While we were planning our wedding, we were simultaneously planning our travels around the world. One lofty idea soon turned into our obsession. It was the first thing we thought about in the morning and the last thing on our minds at night. We realized that we were so lucky to have found another person who shared the same dream. Finding more to life only became possible knowing that there are two of us. More Two Life then became a reality.

Of course, it sounded crazy. We are fully aware that this lifestyle is not conventional and not typically the path that newlyweds take. We understand that it does not follow society’s mold of getting married, buying a house, having 2.5 kids and pursuing a corporate career. And while knowing all of this and being questioned and doubted along the way, we still made the decision to carry out our plans and to follow our dreams, nonetheless.

The realization that there has to be so much more to life began to consume us both around the same time. While sitting in windowless cubicles staring at screens for 40-hour weeks, daydreaming about the weekends and the chance to use what little PTO we had accrued, we were also slowing dying inside. There had to be a better way of living. The 9 to 5 grind was never going to be fulfilling for either of us. So it became our obligation to leave that lifestyle in pursuit of something else.

And here we are a year later and are so proud and excited to say that our journey has finally begun! We are living out our dream, doing the unimaginable. Knowing that the road will be long and arduous and at times an uphill battle, we are prepared for the challenges and welcome the lows with open arms. We don’t know what we will encounter or where we will end up but we do know that no matter what we will become stronger and better people after it all.

Our goal of this blog is to document our experiences in an honest and open way; to highlight the highs, sharing the beautiful and positive moments, but also to express the negative experiences of this lifestyle that we are sure to encounter. To paint a full picture of what it’s like to travel the world as nomads, with only the possessions that we are carrying on our backs.

Beginning with honesty, we will admit that to get to this moment, on this island, we have had to sacrifice a lot. From selling every single material possession we owned, to quitting our jobs, to saying goodbye to our friends and family, to leaving our beloved cat, we left it all behind. And it certainly wasn’t easy. It kind of feels like jumping off a cliff, head first, without a parachute. There are so many unknowns that if we were to stop and think about them all, we would never have left.

The truth is, backpacker life is all about sacrifices. We are here on day three and already we are learning some serious lessons in sacrifices, challenges, and disappointments.

But we wouldn’t change it for the world. We are exactly where we need to be and are pursuing that which lights our souls on fire and inspires us to live our best lives. We have worked our asses off to get here and are determined to embrace every single moment of this journey, both good and bad. The amazing sunsets, the lifelong friendships, the cultural experiences, the international cuisine, the breathtaking landscapes, but also the sunburns, the cold showers, the jungle bugs, the less than luxurious public transportation, the non-working ATM’s and the horrible wifi. It is all part of the experience and we are ready to soak it all in.

Thank you for joining us and following along as we embark on this next chapter of our lives.

P.S. If you have ever dreamed about exploring another part of the world and need an excuse to get out of your country and your comfort zone, just let us know! We would love to be your fellow adventurers 😉


Jessica & Daniel

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